Racing transmission modifications are critical to your success on the street and the race track.

Whether you are driving a 2000 Horsepower Diesel Dodge Ram at the drag strip or are setting 200 Miles Per Hour records at Bonneville Salt Flats, we can build your transmission to handle the job.

When your truck with RFE transmission is pushed to the GVW limits — or even when small amounts of power are added to your Dodge Cummings or Allison equipped Duramax vehicles gearbox  — the overdrive clutch quickly surfaces as the weak link.

Eliminate all clutch problems without relying on expensive valve body/pump modifications.

Call us today to get your Diesel equipped transmission performing to the maximum.

Big Horsepower requires big brakes to stop you safely… we can handle those modifications.

We can build and ship your specially modified transmission anywhere in the world.

Call us today and find out how we can put you in the winner’s circle… Call Now: tel://2082975202

Big Horsepower puts special demands on your engines ability to cool properly.

You can get modifications for any vehicles transmission from Heavy Towing applications to the drag strip.


Looking for ‘Diesel transmission modifications near me’ you are in luck.

Our service areas include:

  • Twin Falls Idaho
  • Ontario Oregon
  • McCall Idaho
  • Pocatello Idaho
  • Ogden Utah
  • Salt Lake City Utah
  • Las Vegas Nevada
  • Orem Utah
  • West Valley Utah
  • Cheyenne Wyoming
  • Denver Colorado
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