The average cost of a transmission replacement ranges from $850.00 dollars for a clutch replacement to $2300.00 dollars to $3500.00 dollars depending on what type of vehicle you are driving and whether it is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive and whether it is an automatic or manual transmission.

A used or salvaged transmission can range from $800 to $1500.00, there are many variables depending on the manufacture and if it is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive or all (AWD) wheel drive.

If your vehicle is equipped with a four-wheel drive which has a transfer case, those will usually run higher. A rebuilt transmission can run from $1100.00 to $4800.00 and a remanufactured from $1300 to $3400.00

In many cases when people think they need a new or rebuilt transmission it might not be the case, often at Boise Transmission Repair, we can diagnose the problem and often just replace a few parts that will get your car or truck’s transmission back in good working condition without a total rebuild since we actually work on your transmission that you’ve got in the vehicle.

Give us a call at: 208-297-5202 and bring your car, truck or SUV by so we can do an electronic scan and road test to find out what is causing the problem.