How to tell if your transmission is going out

Here are some slipping transmission symptoms I will be outlining a few things that will allow you to know whether or not your automatic transmission in your car or truck is slipping, so this is how it works.

You need to pay attention to the tachometer which is the gauge that shows you the RPMs of the engine and the speedometer which is a gauge that shows you the speed of the car, you need to pay attention to those two things together.

This is what you’re going to do, you’re
going to put your car truck and drive it, and you’re going to drive now technically speaking, when you’re pushing the gas pedal your rpm so you should increase and your speedometer should increase so as the engine speed is increasing the car speed should increase, the car should be going faster and then obviously if the car up shifts the engine speed and the RPM is going to go back down but technically speaking the RPM should continually go up and then the speedometer and the speed of the car should also continue to follow that increase now here’s what happens if you have an automatic transmission that is slipping.

Basically the transmission is what connects the engine to the wheels, when the engine is turning and spinning, it allows the transmission the power of that spinning to be transferred to the wheels now if you have a slipping automatic transmission the power from the engine will not properly be transferred to the wheels, it will slip so this is what it’s going to sound like on the tachometer and speedometer you’re going to push the gas pedal, the speedometer is going to increase but your car speed and your speedometer is not going to increase, okay so the tachometer is going to go up and the speedometer is not going to go up nearly as quickly, then you’re going to sort of hear the engine revving up, it’s going to sound like this but your speedometer won’t be moving forward, your car will not be going faster so that’s how you tell.

Now if you are unsure about it, go to a road that has a lot of space and what I would recommend is just flooring the gas pedal and you’ll notice that if you have a slipping automatic transmission the tachometers RPMs will increase and the speedometer will barely be moving, if your transmission is severely slipping, what will happen is once again the tachometer is going to increase, but this parameter will not move at all.

If your car literally does not move at all, if your transmission is in really bad shape with regards to its slippage, so that’s basically a very simple test that is, those are the symptoms of a slipping automatic transmission similar to what it would sound like if you had a slipping clutch on a manual transmission.

Those are the symptoms and that’s exactly how you can tell, pay attention to your tachometer and speedometer I would recommend to do this safely having someone beside you, and as you drive the car or truck and have them pay attention to your tachometer and speedometer just so you can keep your eyes on the road, that is my safety advice but that’s basically it, if you have any questions about any issues your having with your Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, or Ford truck, just give us a call at Boise Transmission Repair 208-297-5202