The Top 3 Causes of Transmission Failure in Boise Idaho.

The automatic transmission is sometimes called the brain of your car or truck. Grinding gears delayed response from the transmission and other shifting problems will most likely be caused by a fluid related issue or could be one of many solenoids or could have something to do with the transmissions valve body.

Leaking transmission fluid

Look for signs of a physical leak. Transmission fluid is usually red in color. Leaks are typically found near the drain plug or seal between the transmission and the engine. Proper Transmission fluid levels are very important for the proper operation of your car or truck.  Fix any leaks before it could cause permanent damage to your car or truck.

Low transmission fluid levels and quality of fluid

Leaking transmission fluid can lead to low fluid levels. Always make sure the fluid is in good condition to perform its job. As your fluid flows through a transmission, it lubricates and cools all the components. If there is not enough fluid or the fluid has degraded, your transmission will not perform properly. At some point, your transmission will stop working.

You may have a clogged transmission fluid filter

Many folks do not know there is a filter inside your transmission. Your transmission filter helps keep the fluid clean and free of metal particles. If your transmission filter becomes clogged, it limits the proper amount of fluid circulating through the transmission. Lack of lubrication and proper transmission fluid levels will either cause the transmission of the vehicle to grind to a halt, or it will overheat. None of these outcomes are good for your vehicle’s transmission and both will result in an expensive repair bill.

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